If you have a large collection of audio samples, you have probably realized that it is not easy to identify the right ones quickly. You either have to listen to each of them individually or recognize them by name. AudioViewer provides you with another solution to this issue: organize these samples into collections, and identify them based on waveform thumbnails, assigned colors and short audio previews. Place your files into collections without moving them on your hard drive First you need to specify which folder the application should scan. It can detect WAV, AIF and AU files, which contain uncompressed audio data and are commonly used by professionals. After the program has listed the available files, you can create multiple collections and distribute the samples among them. The files' paths are not changed, and you can view the contents of each collection within a pop-up dialog box. Identify audio samples easily based on waveform thumbnails, color codes and comments The application's most distinguishing feature is its ability to generate tiny waveform images that are displayed next to each file's name. These can make it easier to tell the samples apart, provided you know what you are looking for. AudioViewer also allows you to assign a specific color to each item, in addition to leaving comments that are helpful in some way. When you click an entry, a short audio preview is played.
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