Utility searches for clones as a review in the list will be presented all clones branches or compare two branches, and selectively for comparison with the branch of the directory with options for rapid detection of directory clones when comparing branches or in the same branch. Search and clone detection is carried out by name, size, date, content, tags for MP3, limited by size and date, template. Checked control the amount of files in all kinds of search. There are the usual search files and search for MP3 tag, comparing directories. Auto select by name, match, name,size,date, date, date and name, path, identity, content and tags, checksum. Performed file operation, read the tags, specify the date the modification is configured search volume directory and the scanning depth. The results of the detection, search, and scan are stored in files. There is an option file tree for quickly navigating through drives and folders, saving list of files in the current directory into a text file, calculator.In 1.1.7 added advanced auto and filter records, customizable interface.
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