Senergy is a management framework for managing data across multiple platform types. Formerly known as File System Factory for Active Directory, the product was renamed to signify its expanded capabilities for managing other types of data in addition to Microsoft network file system data. Leveraging Microsoft Active Directory, Senergy automates a comprehensive set of file system management tasks based on events, identities and event-driven policies that you define. In the process, Senergy can save you significant time and money, while helping to assure industry and corporate compliance. Senergy lets you create policies that trigger actions once events have taken place in Active Directory. For example, creating a new user triggers an action to create the new user's home folder according to the size, quota, and rights settings specified in the policy. Policies can also specify actions when a user is moved, made inactive, or removed from Active Directory. Powerful optimization, analytical, and reporting technologies in Senergy provide a variety of automatic and administrator-initiated storage maintenance features. An extensive set of features enable Senergy to manage the complete lifecycle of file systems. Event-driven automation of storage tasks. Active Directory enacted policies that you define. Creates and provisions home folders when users are created. Creates collaborative storage folders. Creates auxiliary storage folders. Supports Windows profile paths. Supports Windows Remote Desktop access. Manages user and collaborative storage quotas. Links renamed users with user and collaborative storage folders. Sets access rights according to policy. Updates access rights when a user's role changes. Migrates storage transparently. Redistributes user and collaborative storage. Gathers data and assembles reports. Grooms storage to remove unallowable file types. Disables user storage access for inactive users. Deletes or vaults home folders when users are deleted. Migrates user and group data from a Novell file system platform to a Microsoft Windows. file system platform (via separately-purchased add-on). Verifies that all files and folders were migrated from the source Novell server to the target Windows server (via separately-purchased add-on). Automates the creation and management of SharePoint Online virtual classrooms (via separately-purchased Senergy Pak for Education).
Price USD 0
License Free to try
Version 4.0.1
Operating System Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7
System Requirements None