Clean Drive Pro is a tool for system administrators which find all files under a specified path (including subdirectories) that are older than a specified number of days. You are then given an option to delete the matching files (including empty directories). Searches can be refined by excluding\including file types (masks) or using a Regular Expression. Clean Drive Pro will determine the age of the file based on either Created date or Modified date. This tool is perfect for anyone wanting to clean up system drives. It has the ability to include and exclude files by multiple masks, use of case-insensitive Regular Expressions (RegEx) in search with option logical NOT operator, syntax of Regular Expressions can be manually tested, activity is automatically logged into a Rich Text File CleanDriveProActivity.rtf per scan/delete operation, file attributes of matching files are recorded in a CSV file per scan/delete operation, and all features can be run from the command-line and supports return codes.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.35 MB
Operating System Windows 7 Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista Windows XP