MacNetTools is an internet utility program for Macintosh which provides all of the following features in one versatile, yet easy to use package: Joins Segmented Files (what most of you use it for) Splits Files into Segments Decodes Encoded Binary Files - Auto Detect Format, UUEncoded, Mime (including AppleSingle and AppleDouble), Binhex, Macbinary, yEnc Encodes Binary Files - UUEncoding, Mime, Mime AppleSingle, Mime AppleDouble, Scripted Mime (Future addition), Binhex, Macbinary, yEnc List Files - All Files, Uncommented Files, Missing SIT Segments, Missing MPG Segments, Missing Pattern Segments, Pattern, Duplicate Files (based on content, not name), Set Match, List Match, List Invisibles, Wide variety of output formats and targets Set Filetype - Sets the Finder filetype of all files dropped on it Adjust All Filetype - Sets the Finder filetype of all files dropped on it based on each file's extension Concatenate - A very generalized version of the Join command, Input as:, Files, Text Clippings, Combined Output as: File, Text Clipping, To Clipboard CRC and Checksums - Sum32, Adler32, XOR8, MacBinary, BinHex, CRC16, CCITT16A, CCITT16B, CRC32, CCITT32, POSIX.2, ZIP 32, MD5, SHA, Custom CRCs, Custom CRC Table Generation, Several output formats and targets File Tools - Fix HL Files, Strip Resource Fork, Encrypt-Decrypt, Move Matching Files, Move Non Matching Files, Trash Matching Files, Delete Matching Files, Label Matching Files, Rename Matching Files, Rename By Subject, Move Duplicates (based on content, not name), Move Dupl Names (name based), DTList To DBF, Alias To File, Dup.nn To Dupa.ext, Fix BinHex Folder Tools - Combine Fldr, Group Fldr A, Group Fldr B, Group Fldr C, Step Fndr Fldrs, Delete Empty Fldrs, Open Fldrs, Close Fldrs, Calc Fldr Size (not yet functional) Par Tools - Check Pars, Generate Pars, Recover Files Miscellaneous Utilities - Get/Set File Info, Wildcard Match Check, Step Fndr Fldrs, Open Fldrs In Trash, Close Fldrs In Trash, SlideShow (Possible Future addition) Choice of 3 Matchers for commands which use them: wildcard, regexp and regexs
Operating System Mac OS X 10.0 Mac OS X 10.2 Mac OS X 10.1 Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2.2, or
  • Mac OS X 10.0 or higher