Utility for renaming batches of files easily. Select a folder, filter it's contents, recurse it's folder structure, choose your naming scheme and click the "Rename Files" button. Dozens, or hundreds or thousands of files are quickly renamed to meet your criteria. It's a problem that has been addressed by other applications, but none work quite like this FileWrangler. Pure Cocoa, written in Objective-C, and fast. GUI that shows you all of your naming choices at once. File list instantaneously previews the results of your naming choices. User-controlled folder recursion depth. Natural language date entries. Drag and drop. Lots of conveniences for filtering a folder's contents. Violation highlighting! See file names that are over 31 characters long, or contain UNIX-unfriendly characters. Auto-include "enclosing folder" as part of your file name. Renamed the wrong files? "Revert to original names" will save the day! Robust PDF manual, with screenshots and suggestions on use.
File Size508.79 kB
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3
System RequirementsTested on Mac OS X 10.3.
NOT compatible with 10.2. Sorry.