Ilyfigit file finder specially built for photographers and video producers to find and delete duplicate files from your system but don't let that fool you because it can work with almost if not all file types! The program is Written for Windows and works on Windows Vista and XP but we haven't tested it on any others yet but it could work on many more systems or other operating systems so you can test it your self if you like. The reason this software was crated is because we couldn't find a good, simple, get the job done no BS program to do so and now we have it and you can to. The program can and will search for duplicate files using every standard you can think of with the ability to adjust the sensitivity (best to keep it at medium or higher) for your own needs. The program has no problem tearing through a huge amount of files.
File Size19 kB
Operating System Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 7