If you downloaded a file to a Windows computer that appears as though it has no carrage returns and line feeds. this tool may fix that. This program will convert files to have Windows style CRLF line feeds. Occurrences of CRLF are left alone. LFCR's are converted to CRLF's. CR's occurring alone are converted to CRLF. LF's occurring alone are converted to CRLF. The program will create a new file with the original filename and a .tmp extension, make a copy of the contents with the line feeds converted to CRLF, delete the original file, then rename the .tmp file to the original filename. Allows selection of multiple files. Version 1.3 has fixed that not all the selected files were converted.
File Size24 kB
Operating System Windows Me Windows XP Windows Windows NT Windows 98 Windows Vista
System RequirementsWindows 98/Me/NT/XP/Vista