Peter's Flexible Renaming Kit

Easily organize your music, picture, or other types of files with this professional grade bulk file/folder renaming program. Rename files using regular expressions, pre-defined commands, your own commands plugins, or combinations thereof. The pre-defined renaming commands and regular expressions allow a multitude of string operations including add/delete/replace/swap, letter case translation, insertion of counters, parent folder names, basic file properties, and over 150 types of tag information or meta-data from music files, image files, video files, HTML files, text files, e-mail files, and office files. You can build any renaming command sequence you like, preview the results, press the rename button, and you're done. PFrank is also highly optimized for editing image or music comment tags and can also be used to change file properties. Version 2.25 has added multiline support for comment editing and other minor improvements.
File Size3.4 kB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows
System Requirements