Okoker Disk Cleaner is an application that will help you find files on your disks that are no longer needed, it has tools to scan your drive(s) and find all these superfluous files for you. If you haven't performed a cleaning on your computer for a while, there will probably be a lot of files that can be removed without affecting your work in any way. The operating system and applications create files when they are used, and many of these files are so-called temporary files. These files are frequently not deleted and can therefore take up valuable disk space and slow down the performance of your computer. You can save a backup file of your setting so that everything is easy. Advanced option has useful option to scan the empty folder, the zero-bit file, and the file of not accessing. Version 4.3 fix a bug about delete temp files.
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Operating System Windows NT Windows Me Windows Server 2008 Windows Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Vista Windows 98 Windows 95