Universal File Splitter & Merger

Universal File Splitter & Merger is a powerful, friendly and easy tool that helps you to split and merge any kind of files. You can then send, store, record, carry, upload, view, or play them. Features: splitting/merging very large file (GB) fast, securely, and smoothly splitting/merging any file by size or by chunks number splitting/merging any kind of plain text files by lines merging any files (such as .mpg, .mp3) into a big one extracting original files from the merged file merging split chunks without this software extracting original files from the merged file without this software powerful, friendly, and easy to use Universal File Splitter & Merger is perfect for all the following situations: Splitting file fit onto a CD-ROM, zip, floppy disk or other modest storage media. Splitting file up to email because your ISP often does not allow sending large attachments. Splitting any kind of large "plain text" files that each piece can be viewed easily without decompression. Join third party files, such as MPGs, MP3s, into a big one to have fun. (and split it later to reconstruct all the original files!)
File Size933.59 kB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows Windows 95
System Requirements<li>Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP</li> <li>Pentium 100</li> <li>16MB RAM</li>