HDR-Data Harddisk Data Recovery (Admin Package)

From the developer: "HDR-Data Recovery software is a get-it-yourself data recovery solution capable of capturing lost or inaccessible data from your drive and re-constructing the file system. HDR-Data Recovery never writes to the original drive. Instead, it rebuilds the file table in memory to facilitate the safe transfer of data to another device. HDR-Data can recover data from situations such as: Drives that have been fdisked or formatted. Damage from many types of computer viruses. Corrupt or missing Master Boot Record (MBR). Corrupt or missing BIOS Parameter Blocks (BPB). Corrupt or missing partition tables. Corrupt or missing FAT tables. Corrupt or missing Root Directory. Damage caused by viruses such as CIH. HDR-Data is non destructive and read only: It creates a virtual drive (a copy of the drive's contents) in memory so that recovery efforts don't further damage the data. Proprietary pattern recognition technology enables HDR-Data to reconstruct damaged data. Even disks with very few data structures left can experience a high rate of recovery success."
Price USD485
License Free to try
File Size 732.01 kB
Version 3.0
Operating System Windows XP Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 3.x Windows 2000 Windows Me Windows 95 Windows
System Requirements DOS/Windows (all)