All COM objects included into the Command22 package are used for running the console application or MS DOS commands from inside your application and providing your application with methods to control the child process input and output. Command22 COM objects work with Visual Basic, Visual C++ and other (D)COM/ActiveX/Win 32 compatible development environments. Command22 enables your application to run MS-DOS command, batch file or console application. If you run console application, that reads its input from the standard input (stdin) or writes its results to the standard output (stdout), you can redirect its input and output to and from the your "parent" application. You can control "child process" input and output. Using Command22 you can run DOS commands without bringing up the command prompt (MS DOS) window. Use Command22 if you like to run DOS or console program from inside your application, and this DOS program waits for input from stdin and returns strings to stdout. You can automate this process using methods and properties providing by Command22. Note: Before running DOS commands, you should launch cmd.exe ( for Win98) . Another situation when the Command22 functionality may be very helpful is the case when you try to launch a command from your installation scripts (a good example may be a net start or net stop command). Command22 program contains 3 executables: CMD22.DLL, SCMD22.DLL and DCMD22.DLL . WARNING: Since CMD22, SCMD22, DCMD22 may run any console applications (including del or format), the unsecured Command22 usage may cause serious problems on your system.
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