Full Stack Basic Consumer Edition

Full Stack Basic is a complete development tool for building web applications. It features a graphical page builder and integrated code editor for building web applications using basic. The resulting application is deployed in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Full Stack Basic simplifies the development of web applications. It solves many of the challenges associated with building web applications. It begins with a graphical page builder. The page builder is integrated to the browser code that is written in Basic. Browser code seemlessly calls server based code also written in Basic. An integrated emulator allows both browser and server code to be debugged seamlessly. The Basic language is type-safe so that the compiler reports many errors at compile time. The language is object oriented in the classical style and the compiler deals with callbacks so that developers do not have to. Integration between browser code and server is automatic and errors thrown on the server can be trapped in browser code. Source code can be run on both the browser and the server unchanged and without duplication. The debugger can step into server code called from the browser. Variables can be inspected and updated. Program changes can be made while debugging. Single page web applications can be written and HTML does not need to be written by developers. Tables can be declared as arrays and dynamically resized by using the "Dim" statement in basic. Graphics and sound are supported through the HTML 5 canvas and audio elements. Components can be deployed as HTML or PHP. Support for PayPal is being developed and other web services will follow.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 3.79 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements None