FlowStone is a Graphical real time industrial computer programming language. The software provides a rapid development environment for real time Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Robotics and Mechatronics applications. Using FlowStone you create programs from small, pre-made building blocks called components. By connecting components together you define the program logic and flow. Connected components can be grouped into modules which themselves become a building block. By layering modules in this way you can quickly build quite complex programs. Once your program is complete you can then export it as a standalone Windows program which can be distributed without any dependence on FlowStone. To allow you to connect to the real world FlowStone has an ever increasing number of components that talk to 3rd party hardware including servo controllers, data acquisition devices, audio interfaces, web cams, input controllers and home automation systems. In addition, there is dedicated hardware built specifically for connecting to FlowStone including a dedicated embedded solution that makes your customer made program into a standalone hardware device.
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