haXe is an open source programming language. You can compile a haXe program to a single .js file. You can access the typed browser DOM APIs with auto-completion support, and all the dependencies will be resolved at compilation time.You can compile a haXe program to a .swf file. You can compile a haXe program to NekoVM bytecode. This can be used for server-side programming such as dynamic WebPages and also for command-line or desktop applications, since NekoVM can be embedded and extended with some other DLL. You can also compile a haXe program to .php files. This will enable you to use a high level strictly-typed language such as haXe while keeping full compatibility with your existing server platform and libraries. Generate C++ code from your haXe source code, with the required Make files. This is very useful for creating native applications, for instance in iPhone development.
License Free
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Version 2.10
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 2000 Windows Windows XP Windows Vista