Brushfire is the fastest and most comprehensive script analysis program available for FileMaker Pro users, developers, consultants and DBAs. Brushfire analyzes related files, producing indepth reports that reveal script details, errors, warnings and functional data about your FileMaker Pro solutions. By seeing related scripts in one place at one time, logically and intuitively organized, you can produce higher quality solutions with less effort than ever before. For these reasons and more, top developers and organizations worldwide are turning to Brushfire to conveniently and quickly debug, maintain, cleanup and document their FileMaker Pro solutions.Brushfire 1.5 add: Search finds any text in script lineHandles calls to missing filesIP address calls reportHalt Statement ReportLayout-dependent script step reportMacintosh-dependent script step reportWindows-dependent script step reportSQL Statement script step reportEmpty string (null) test reportEngine handles more unusual cases gracefully More stable overallSpeed still blazing fast!
Price USD249.95
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Version 1.5a
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • PPC
  • Internet Explorer 5.0