HTTP Server Deux gives 4D developers all of the parsing, formatting, and utility routines needed, smoothly integrated with the TCP Server Deux component, in a small and easily understood component package. HTTP Server Deux provides complete request parsing functionality. All variants of HTTP requests are parsed automatically by the HTTP Server Deux component. All values within the HTTP request are available to the 4D developer with simple to use accessor routines. Handling of posted arguments, uploaded documents, custom request headers, etc., are all handled properly by the HTTP Server Deux component. As well, all parsing and handling of values has been done with BLOBs, so there are no instances of 32K limits within the HTTP Server Deux component. This holds through the response generation routines made available through the HTTP Server Deux component, too.
File Size415.74 kB
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • 4D v6.7 or above
  • TCP Server Deux
  • TCP Deux
  • BASh
  • ITK v2.0 or above