Python is a powerful object oriented programming language. It features modular name spaces, exceptions, multi-threading, high-level data structures, high-level dynamic data typing, very late binding and a remarkably clean design, all of which make Python a very effective choice for many programming tasks. Python comes with a rich standard library, that includes extensive support for XML, internet protocols and data handling, web services, regular expression and string processing, sockets, GUI development with Tk, unit testing, profiling, documentation generation, and much more. Third party libraries are also available for database access, LDAP, WebDAV, jabber, MIDI, image processing, 3D modeling, and GUI development with other toolkits, including wxWindows, GTK, and Qt. Python integrates tightly with C and C++, supporting its use for as an embedded scripting language, for testing, and as a more productive way to integrate applications that combine non-Python modules with the Python standard library. Integration with Java and compilation to Java byte code is also available through Jython. The Windows port of Python may be used with support for COM integration, allowing creation of COM objects in Python and invocation of COM objects from Python.
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