Modular Gateway Interface (MGI)

MGI is a plug-in to IIS (ISAPI web servers) that allows web site developers to integrate over 100 functions from simple counters to complex shopping carts with easy-to-use, HTML-style tags. MGI tags are coded directly into the HTML of a page and integrate seamlessly with any page layout or design. You do not need a programming degree to make your web site work. For server administrators, MGI is plug-and-play. All functions are fully secure across multiple regions on a web server making MGI ideal for web hosting companies, ISPs, and businesses with multiple divisions in addition to machines running single domains. Web-based server administration lets you enable MGI modules, configure custom error pages, and set up HTTP file upload on a domain-by-domain basis. MGI's syntax is so easy to use that your technical support will decrease dramatically. And one MGI license can be used for ALL domains on a server. MGI includes all of this and more: HTTP file upload, e-commerce, a built-in database, encryption, pay-per-view, banner ads, polls, quizzes, web-based email, HTTP and file includes, password-protection, guestbook, forms processing, send mail, cloaking, redirects, counters, julian dates, file modification, cookies, no cache directives, string manipulation, and data validation plus low-level customization tags including conditionals, switches, and loops.
LicenseFree to try
File Size2.39 MB
Operating System Windows Windows 2000 Windows NT
System RequirementsISAPI web server