24U SimpleDialog Plug-In

24U SimpleDialog Plug-In is a dialog-showing plug-in for FileMaker Pro 4.0 or newer. It allows you to display almost arbitrary dialog box! You can combine text, passwords, checkboxes, radio buttons. As easy as the standard Show Message and Status(CurrentMessageChoice) but much more powerful. In comparison to standard functions of FileMaker Pro 6, the 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In offers the benefits as follows: Up to 5 buttons in a custom dialog Unlimited number of input fields Input field of the type text, password, checkbox, radio button and pop-up menu Compatibility with FileMaker Pro 4 - 6 Auto Update savvy Optimization of the displayed dialogs appearance Validation of credit cards numbers, social security numbers, social insurances numbers 24U SimpleDialog Generator Use a simliar user interface to configure your custom dialogs, like the one offered by FileMaker Pro 6. With the help of 24U SimpleDialog Generator you are going to feel as being a part of FileMaker Pro 6. Tip for you! Custom Validations Example With the 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In you are able to display custom validation messages depending on the condition that has been violated. Fast and simple! See the the example!
Operating System Mac OS Classic Mac OS X 10.2 Macintosh Mac OS X 10.0 Mac OS X 10.1
System Requirements
  • FileMaker Pro 4.0 or higher