BizTalk Application Batch Exporter and Importer

BizTalk Application Batch Exporter and Importer is a tool to create batch files for exporting or importing BizTalk applications in bulk. It can also be used to make full backups of the environment. The set of tools were creating to make backups of an existing BizTalk environment and then restore it onto a new rebuilt environment. It can also be used to simply back up all currently deployed BizTalk applications in case you need to restore one or more. This way you can create 'restore points' before any major deployments that might change the environment. The Export tool allows you to export MSI's or 'binding files' or both. The Import tool allows you to set up the sequence how MSI's get imported plus which binding files (or embedded ones) to apply during import. Both tools actually only creates a batch file (cmd) that can be modified or customized independently.
File Size28.4 kB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows 7 Windows
System RequirementsBizTalk 2006