ROBOCOPY with Email Notification, Smart Reporting adn Eventlog Entries. - Email notification on 'Success', 'Warnings' or 'Errors'. - Log file filtering, showing only relevant information, like warnings, errors and other exceptions. - Smart logfile attachments, e.g. on warnings or errors only. - NEW! Now with logging to the Windows Eventlog for integration with Network Management Systems This simple to use, yet powerful command-line utility extends Microsoft ROBOCOPY to include parameters for email notification, depending on the copy job's 'Success', 'Warning' or 'Error' status. Attached logfiles can be 'condensed' to show exceptions only. Log entries in the Windows Event Log (Application Log) are generated, indicating 'Success', 'Warning' or 'Error' of the ROBOCOPY job. - Use your existing batch files or script calling 'ROBOCOPY' - Simply change each call for 'ROBOCOPY' to 'RoboCopyPlus' - Add a couple of switches to direct reporting to your mailbox RoboCopyPlus is a command-line utility, just like ROBOCOPY. This means you can run RoboCopyPlus from a command-prompt script or batch file just like you do with ROBOCOPY. It accepts exactly the same parameter switches as ROBOCOPY but adds numerous others to provide the reporting and email-notification functionality. If you have existing batch-files calling ROBOCOPY, you could safely replace the word ROBOCOPY with RoboCopyPlus and then add the parameters required to send email notifications, with or without filtered logfiles attached. Existing scheduling of these batch files remains totally unaltered! Here is a small subset of the most significant parameter switches RoboCopyPlus adds to the functionality of your version of ROBOCOPY: Notification: /from:{address} :: Sender address /to:{address} :: Recipient address /smtp:{address} :: SMTP server address or name Reporting: /repError :: send email notification only if Errors occured /repWarning :: send email notification only if Warnings or Errors occured /repSuccess :: always send email notification /attachLog :: attach log file (only valid with ROBOCOPY /log or /log+) /attachWarning :: attach log file on Warning and Error /attachError :: attach log file on Error ... and more... A comprehensive list of options is available when running 'RoboCopyPlus /help'. No need to script around ROBOCOPY's exit codes. RoboCopyPlus does it all for you. Simple!
Price USD 19
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File Size 1.32 MB
Version 1.2.124
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None