Hybir Backup

Hybir Backup is a full / image backup program for Microsoft Windows. This is the full product and it is completely free for personal or business use. This is not a crippled version and does not contain any add-ins like toolbars you may not want. Backing up your computer is about protecting your whole computer and everything on it from disaster. The best way to do that is with multiple full / image backups stored in separate locations. Hybir Backup makes it simple. Hybir Backup is incredibly easy to use and has some amazing technology. Hybir Backup was built because none of the existing backup solutions really solved the backup problem. Popular online backup solutions don't perform Full / Image backups. You can't restore a computer with a backup of some of your files. Local image based solutions were difficult to use, weren't efficient enough, and full featured ones can get expensive. Hybir Backup is extremely efficient, with proprietary patent pending source data identification and global data de-duplication. This makes extremely efficient use of disk space and bandwidth. Hybir Backup is full / image backup and that means you can restore your whole computer from the Hybir windows PE 3.0 Recovery Environment to a new hard drive. Hybir Backup supports multiple simultaneous backup destinations, local hard drives, Network drives, and UNC paths. Hybir Backup also supports our online premium pay backup service. Hybir Backup can simultaneously perform a full backup of your machine to a local USB drive, to a network share and online to Hybir, or just a USB drive if you want. Hybir Backup performs backups from within windows and can quickly roll back windows to any previous backup from within windows or the recovery environment. You can also restore individual files and folders quickly and easily. Hybir Backup also supports Private Key Encryption (AES-256) for extra security. Hybir Backup performs safe restores ensuring that important data that has changed since your last backup is saved instead of just overwritten. Hybir Backup identifies data. This allows Hybir Backup to do some amazing things. One of the best is the ability to use any repository to help restore a computer. For example if a computer is backed up online and requires a bare metal recovery it could take a relatively long time to download all of the data. Plug in a USB drive that has a Hybir Backup Repository on it and it will be used to restore data that was on both from the USB drive.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 2.51 MB
Version 3.0.003
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements None