VirtualLab Remote Data Recovery

VirtualLab is ideal for problems associated with data loss that are caused by software malfunction such as inablity to boot, filesystem damage, partition corruption, accidential file deletion, initialized drives, repartitioned partitions, and many other issues! VirtualLab puts filesystem knowledge and experienced technicians directly into your computer to diagnose and retrieve lost data. You can select only the files you need or your entire drive, the choice is yours. Free diagnostic utility to see if VirtualLab will see the files you lost. Can recover even if Windows can't see the drive! Finds data from lost or deleted partitions even if the partition has been changed to a different filesystem. RAID Support (All levels) Uses the same recovery engine used by Total Recall's lab engineers! Works with NTFS, FAT 16 & 32 partitions (floppy not supported at this time) Works with Windows 95 thru XP including 2000 server! The free diagnostic mode shows you the files it finds before you pay for a session. The software is a pay-per-use service.
Operating System Windows NT Windows XP Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows Windows 2000
System Requirements<ul><li>Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP <li>NTFS, FAT 16 or FAT 32 parition <li>Live internet connection is required while running & operating VirtualLab <li>Place to recover the data to such as a networked volume or primary drive <li>The affected drive should be connected to a working computer as a slave or secondary device <li>Color monitor and 64MB RAM is recommended