ClipSafe backs up data copied to the clipboard, protecting it from accidental erasure. Your computer's standard clipboard can only store one piece of data at a time. Without ClipSafe installed, whenever you copy new data to the clipboard, existing data is lost. ClipSafe begins monitoring your clipboard automatically when you log in to your computer. Conveniently restore clipboard data using an icon on the system tray. ClipSafe includes a viewer to preview data which has been backed up. Dates and times when backed up data was added to the clipboard are also retained. Customers receive free software updates and technical support for ClipSafe through Multimedia Australia's exclusive www.SupportBase.NET service.
File Size618.16 kB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows Windows NT
System Requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • (Windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional Recommended).
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later.
  • Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 or later.
  • 128 MB of RAM recommended.
  • Hard disk space required for download: 633 KB.
  • Hard disk space required for installation: 10 MB. More if the latest version of the Microsoft? .NET Framework has not been installed.
  • If your computer does not have the latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework installed, you may be required to download it as part of the installation process. This will require an Internet connection.
  • Internet connection required for accessing SupportBase.NET services.
  • Windows compatible pointing device.