Safe and secure backup for your computer. Your backup created with Bendani Backup is not limited in size and don't block your Internet speed. Did you know that it can take several weeks to create an online backup over the Internet? With Bendani Backup you are released from the long wait. You will not be blocked in the backup if the Internet is down or overloaded. Back up images, documents, music, records, fonts (fonts), Windows Desktop, templates, optional files and folders, e-mails, address book, settings, e-mails accounts and favorites. You can easily define automatic backups using Bendani Backup's powerful scheduling features, which follows the Microsoft Windows standards and guidelines. Bendani Backup creates standard ZIP files, and has its own backup catalog to keep track of the backup files. This makes your backup compatible with any existing ZIP utility, or even Windows build-in unzipping feature. It means, you will always have access to your backup files.Version 3.10 improves speed of catalog handling during restore process.
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