Instant Backup is a simple and very affordable solution to manually back up selected data on-line and locally. Instant Backup is designed to back up the most important and sensitive active projects - the ones users don't want to take any chances with. For example, if you want to back up your project after specific changes right away, without waiting for your scheduled automatic backup. Or when you prefer to have a password protected copy of the project on an FTP site, in addition to all your regular local backups. Just drag your files/folders on the Instant Backup icon and select the desired destination - and everything else will be done automatically. Instant Backup is not a replacement for the complete computer backup systems, such as Time Machine. The power of Instant Backup is in its simplicity and the ability to securely backup selected projects whenever needed. And FTP backup protects your data against theft, fire or other disasters that could affect your hardware.
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