PC Disk Clone X

PC Disk Clone X is a Windows Backup program that allows cloning of computer hard drives to backup data or migrating system to another PC. It copies all data on physical level with a full support of IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, Firewire Interfaces. Besides these compatabilites, PC Disk Clone X copies at a high speed of 7GB per miniute. PC Disk Clone X is especially programmed for external backup and computer replacement . If you are going to back up your computer to external USB or Firewire disk, or going to replace your old computer with new one without reinstalling Windows and software in the new one. PC Disk Clone X is the right tool for you. With the help of PC Disk Clone X, you can easily copy entire hard drive to a new one. Your Windows System, software, personal files and music will be exactly there. The ease of use allows not only PC beginners but technicians and professional users to handle their tasks easily. Moreover, PC Win Boot, which is a Windows PE boot disk builder, is included. Disk to Disk, Partition to Partition: When moving disk data from one computer to another, you always want to copy everything from old PC to the new one and use it right away. Disk to Disk and Partition to Partition functions are designed to accomplish these. Disk to Image, Image to Disk: Back up entire hard disk protects everything. You may store the image files where ever you want, like USB hard drive, and keeps using other spaces for other files. Partition to Image, Image to Partition: This feature can help you to backup only system drives and use the image files as system restoration resource when Windows crashes. Extend Disk layout, Extend Partition size: When cloning to larger disk or restoring image to larger disk, the disk layout is extended to use all available disk space of the target hard drive. When cloning to larger partition or restoring partition image to larger partition, the partition size is extended to the original size of the target partition. Shrink Disk layout, Shrink Partition size: You might use some company's software to back up your hard drive to a larger one, and when you want to restore it you realize that the software does not allow you to copy a large hard drive to a small one. For PC Disk Clone X, it help you solve the problems. Create disk instant snapshot: This feature make sure the backups using snapshots are intact and the files are in consistent state. PC Win Boot can make a bootable Windows PE 3.0 disc or USB Drive in a couple of steps
Price USD 39.95
License Free to try
File Size 20.69 MB
Version 11.5
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None