Clones, backups, and data synchronization made easy. MimMac is a fast, easy-to-use, and comprehensive backup and cloning utility, designed to make backing up, synchronizing, merging, and cloning your data as painless as possible. With MimMac, there's no need to set up complex scripts, or navigate a bloated interface just to do simple tasks such as running multiple simultaneous operations, or excluding items from your backup operation(s) -- everything is ready at hand in MimMac's straight-forward and compact interface. Gain control of your data.With MimMac's myriad of options, filters, exclusions, and mirroring capabilities, you have complete control over exactly what gets backed up, and what doesn't. MimMac also performs incremental backups automatically, thus making your repetitive backups quick and painless. And when coupled with it's ability to check and enable ownership on destination volumes, as well as repair permissions on source volumes, you can be assured that your system clones will not only be bootable, but faithful to the original. Built from the ground up.MimMac is not a front-end for any pre-existing command line backup utilities; its backup engine was built from the ground up using Cocoa. As such, MimMac does not depend upon any third-parties in order to do its job. Powerful, yet affordable.Suffering the effects of lost data can be a costly venture, but backing up your data shouldn't be. That is why MimMac includes a free 20-day trial, and a full single-machine license is only $10
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