Nico's Backup saves your valuable business, tax, financial and legal data but also your cherished personal e-mails, family-heirloom digital photos or videos and creative works from being lost when something happens to your PC. Get all your data back in no time after a hard drive failure, lightning strike, motherboard failure or outright theft of the system. You can even use backup sets to assist in moving files to a new PC, get the new box set up and ready to use in a flash. Nico's Backup will automatically store specified files and folders into a single ZIP file that can be filed on disk, burned on CD/DVD or sent to an FTP site. To define backup sets Nico's Backup uses a simple step-by-step wizard, which helps you selecting files/folders, backup locations and backup schedules. When the defining of the backup set is done, you can leave the rest up to Nico's Backup. Version 2.0 build 223 adds an ability to burn your backup set on DVD.
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Version2.0 build 223
Operating System Windows 2003 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows NT Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows XP Windows 2000