When PC problems occur, wouldn't you like to instantly return your system to the state it was in just before the problem started? With ConfigSafe V8, the newest addition to a family of market-leading system protection utilities, you can protect your PC and keep it trouble-free. Essential System Protection: Most PC problems result from changes made by hardware or software, inadvertent changes made by users, or deliberate changes made by a malicious intrusion. ConfigSafe V8 protects your system by tracking changes to key system components such as the Registry, system files, dll's, network settings, and drivers. It works by taking a picture, or snapshot, of a system configuration. The ConfigSafe V8 snapshot enables Registry, files and system state restoration, returning problem PCs to a working state in just seconds. Quick and Easy Recovery: ConfigSafe V8 resolves system problems much faster and often without the need for technical assistance or lengthy troubleshooting sessions. And if users do require technical assistance, ConfigSafe V8 also helps your support center or a company's internal helpdesk provide faster, more efficient troubleshooting. Integration with Microsoft's System Restore: ConfigSafe V8 continues the tradition of ConfigSafe, which pioneered Windows snapshot and restore technology, but it has been re-architected to operate with a smaller footprint and with markedly faster performance. In addition, ConfigSafe V8 utilizes data from System Restore points - eliminating redundancy and conserving disk space. Powerful View and Compare Tools: ConfigSafe V8 goes beyond the traditional snapshot and restore functions to bring users powerful tools for viewing and comparing the Registry and file components (including Registry and file permissions) of snapshots to help identify the existence and source of a configuration problem or possible malicious intrusion. System Recovery from Pre-boot Environments: Seriously impaired system health may sometimes prevent a Windows XP, Vista or 7 PC from being able to boot into Windows. In these situations, the PC may be booted (with the appropriate bootable disc) into Pre-Boot Environment to enable the use of ConfigSafe V8's pre-boot environment plug-in for Registry hive restoration.
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Version 8.0
Operating System Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Windows 98 Windows NT Windows Me Windows Vista Windows 7