TechGenie Antivirus

TechGenie Free Antivirus is today one of the best antivirus available for Windows PC. Coming with an easy to manage User Interface (UI), this free antivirus software acts like a defense shield giving real time protection from virus, spyware and malware. One of the strong points about TechGenie free antivirus program is that it works silently in the background, without interfering in anything that you do. So, basically it means, you download free antivirus, install it on your PC and forget about it. Before you hit the free download button, here are the prominent features of TechGenie Free Antivirus for PC: * Real time protection coverage * Secure world for online shopping, banking, and surfing the Internet * Proactive Detection facilities to identify even the latest e-threats * State of the art scanning facilities to recognize and prevent malware that is waiting to attack your PC * Windows 8 compatible antivirus software that makes sure that your favorite operating system is up and functional all the time. TechGenie Free Antivirus is easy to download and install. Once set-up, it starts to work instantly. It provides a safe environment for your digital data and offers you three scanning options. Depending upon the time you have on hand and the depth with which you would like the program to skim through your PC, you can pick from: * Quick Scan * Custom Scan * Complete System Scan With TechGenie Free Antivirus installed on your Windows PC, you will no longer have to bother about malware, virus, Trojans and other such threats that are constantly looking for their potential victims.
Price USD0
License Free
File Size 4.62 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows 8 Windows Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 7