Celframe Antivirus Free Global Community Edition

Worlds First free Social (Facebook & Twitter) Anti Virus. When you share your Likes, tweets, Comments to your friends, fans or followers, you're empowering Viruses to spread. With CAV you gift your loved ones free protection. We Love Your Community, 2x. Using proactive defense technology leveraging your community, CAV fights every threat using its Dual-engine making it virtually impenetrable and self learning. In The Cloud We Live, In the Cloud We Secure. Everyday more and more people store their mails, data, photos online, so we protect you on the cloud using our cloud protection. So even you old PC gets new lease of life. Most Advanced and Powerful, Yet the Smallest. Low resources means faster PC and better performance. Smallest Anti Virus in its class to out perform your needs as it harnesses the power of the latest technology both online and offline. Most Secure, Yet Simple and Not Alone. Our revolutionary Dual Engine Technology is loved by all, just to simplify they called it Intuitive, Transparent and Practical. Also we work well with our competitors side by side, no quarrel here.
License Free
File Size 35.88 MB
Version 1.5
Operating System Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Windows XP