mSafe protects your data even if your Treo is lost or stolen. Even if an unauthorized person comes into possession of your device, it does not necessarily have to mean that he comes into possession of your data. Just send a special SMS message to your device from anywhere and keep your data protected from unauthorized use. Did you ever consider how important the information stored on your Treo device is? You likely keep some confidential or sensitive data on your Treo that are important to you personally as well as to the company you work for. Why risk that someone by chance or intent interferes with your privacy? mSafe lets you lock or wipe the information on the device whenever you want to do so, easily and remotely. While your Treo is in your hands, you will hardly notice mSafe is there. If an unauthorized person comes into possession of your Treo, or you simply forget to take it with you but want to make sure that the information in it is safe, just send that SMS message to your Treo and keep your data protected. mSafe Features: Lock your Treo with a special SMS message Lock your Treo when the phone is turned off (wireless mode is off), when the device is reset or SIM card removed. Erase all your information and data on the Treo or SD card with a special SMS message Lock your Treo when the SD card is removed Disable SD card when Treo is locked, or leave current SD card operational but disable the insertion of a new one Receive confirmation SMS message after Treo is locked to the number lock request is sent from and/or to another, user configurable, number.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<li>PalmOS 3.5 or higher</li> <li>Treo 600/650/680/700p</li>


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