Ultrasoft DataShield

Ultrasoft DataShield lets you organize and store your important information conveniently and securely on your Palm OS handheld computer. And DataShield doesn't just store and protect your information - it helps you manage it. Convenient - Store birthdays, policy numbers and membership details. Attach notes and schedule reminders to let you know when things need attention. Secure - Store account numbers, PINs and passwords. DataShield uses military-strength encryption to keep your information safe in its password-protected database. Flexible - Use the built-in templates to organize your data, or create your own templates. Select your own security settings to give you the right balance of convenience and protection. Simple - You don't need to be a database programmer to configure DataShield just the way you want it. You can start entering your data within seconds.
File Size536.85 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.0