BluePill is the simplest and the mostsecure way to protect your PalmPowered Treo device and the data itcontains. It is significantly more advanced than other applicationsmade for this purpose as well as being much easier to use and having a muchfaster response. You may define up to 16 trigger SMS messages that performdifferent things when you send them to your phone. For example you may definemessage "killAll" to perform a hard reset, "killCard" toformat the expansion card, "whatsUp" to respond to your SMS, and"lockMe" to lock it. Then you lose your Treo. You can send an SMSsaying "whatsUp" to you phone and it will respond with "Devicealive and well at 94% battery power...". You may then remember you left avery important document on your expansion card, so you send"killCard" and you may be sure that nobody will get the document. Nowyou decide to lock your phone, so you send "lockMe" and it will be unusableuntil a password is entered.
File Size24.08 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 5.0