Intended for users who rely on their personal digital assistants (PDAs) for entry, storage and retrieval of confidential data, PDABombâ?¢ is a robust security application that addresses an alarming need to protect the information stored on Palm OS® PDA devices. PDA security should be a serious concern for every handheld device user. PDAs are very portable, making them easy targets for thieves and are easily misplaced or lost. In fact, there are publicly available free programs or "hacks,"such as "No Security," that allow anyone to bypass the default Palm OS security system. PDABomb automatically and securely locks a Palm OS-based PDA device and provides an easy-to-use interface and flexible protection alternatives. PDABomb is the only comprehensive security product available for the Palm OS that locks down potential security holes. It disables any data transfer mechanisms such as HotSync® and IrDa port, so that there is no way to retrieve information without a password. Your information is secure even if the device is reset. PDABomb provides flexible encryption options to protect the userâ??s databases. You can choose which databases to protect. This includes both standard Palm OS application databases, such as Address and Datebook, as well as third party application databases. You can also choose from different encryption algorithms (fast or slow) and whether to encrypt only private records or all records. You can also choose to either allow unlimited password attempts, or activate the "bomb." Once activated, the "bomb" will allow a limited number of attempts (3-10) to enter a password successfully. Once an unauthorized user reaches that limit trying to crack the owner's password, PDABomb will completely delete all the PDA's data and applications, effectively preventing would-be information thieves access to any personal or classified information. All information, of course, can be easily retrieved by restoring a back up or syncing the device to the owner's computer system. PDABombâ??s features include: Disables the PalmOS built-in debugger (the debugger allows unauthorized persons to retrieve a full memory dump even from a locked device) Disables any data transfer mechanisms such as HotSync and IrDA portDoes not store the actual passwords on a locked device, only an MD5 hash of the password Erases the encryption key from the device after the device is locked and regenerates it after password is entered correctly Can prevent the use of brute force attack because it limits the number of attempts to unlock the device, and destroys all RAM databases after the number of designated password attempts are exceeded (Information can be restored via HotSync or other backup) Hides password from the screen during entry Includes AutoLock feature to lock a device automatically after power-off without a prompt Allows selective database protection using the 'Encryption setup' form Keeps PDA locked even after a device reset
Price USD 29.95
License Free to try
File Size 181.64 kB
Version 1.11
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm Pilot Professional
  • Palm OS 2.0 or higher