CryptInfo is a secure password manager for the Palm and the PC. Securely store your passwords, credit card numbers, and more! Synchronize your information between your PC and your Palm device. Your privacy is protected with strong encryption technology that scrambles your information so that only you can see it! Easy To Use: Works just like other Palm and PC applications, so you already know how to use it! Strong Encryption: CryptInfo uses 168-bit 3DES encryption, one of the strongest and most respected encryption technologies available. Passphrase Protection: You choose a passphrase (or password) to protect your data, and only someone with that passphrase can access your information. PC Synchronization: Changes made on either the PC or the Palm are synchronized together whenever you perform a HotSync. Auto Lock: The Palm version automatically locks itself after a specified time of inactivity, requiring you to enter your passphrase again. Import/Export: Import or export accounts from/to the Memo Pad application for easy migration to CryptInfo. Category Templates: Each category in CryptInfo/PC can have its own default labels. Flexible Interface: Define custom labels for each account; you're not forced to pick labels from a list like other programs. Search: Search through your accounts using CryptInfo/PC.
Price USD14.99
License Purchase
File Size 1.05 MB
Version 4.0.9
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 2.0 (PalmOS 3.0 required for synchronization)