Panda Antivirus Command-Line Scanner

Panda Antivirus Command-Line Scanner (PAVCL) is the anti-malware and heuristic engine from Panda. PAVCL includes the following features: * Scanning & disinfection of virus, spyware, rootkits; * Scanning insie compressed and runtime packed files. * Boot sector scanning and disinfection. * Advanced Genetic Heuristic engine. * Raw low-level scanning of the hard drive. * Reboot driver for deactivating rootkits. * Scanning by file types. * Support for 8 languages. * Log output to CSV & TXT format. The CSV log format (pavcl.log) is the following: [Date];[Complete_path];[File_name_in_compressed];[Malware_name];[Detection_ID];[Action_taken]; [Sub_action];[Additional_information];[Status_ok_or_error]; Return codes are available for integrations of PAVCL with automated scanning systems. PAVCL returns a numeric value of 4 bytes to indicate the type of program exit, the type of operation performed and the number of malware detected.
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Operating System Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista Windows NT Windows