Dynamica Editor

Dynamica Editor is a professional text editor for displaying text content that need extra formatting (text highlighting). It is completely written in C# and contains pure managed code. While using Dynamica Editor, you can make use of one of the predefined highlight styles, like C# or Java. Yet, Dynamica Editor is extendable with respect to the syntax rules - you can define your own syntax description set and use it with Dynamica Editor. Setting new syntax style is as easy as calling one editor method. Read more on how to create a syntax definition file in Syntax files. You can easily use Dynamica Editor component with your projects. Make a project reference to Dynamica.Editor.dll assembly just as you would do with any other component. You can also add Dynamica Editor to your Visual Studio Toolbar and use a drag-and-drop mechanism for creating new instances of this component within your Windows Forms. Dynamica Editor features rich set of properties which makes it easy to adjust this component's look to fit your forms. It also exposes all significant properties one editor should have like caret position, undo operation, clipboard operations, etc.
Price USD 25
License Purchase
File Size 40.52 kB
Version 1.6
Operating System Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None