Intel Video Pro Analyzer Free

With this comprehensive suite of expert-grade video analysis software tools for current and next-gen video coding standards, build compliant video solutions and bring innovation to market faster with Intel Video Pro Analyzer. This toolset for HEVC, VP9, AVC, and MPEG-2 formats gives media and video codec developers/architects, video software experts, and validation engineers the power to inspect the entire decode process and pinpoint trouble spots so they can deliver the best quality video for the world to see. Video experts can also test and debug media encoders, analyze streams side-by-side, and analyze/debug broken streams. Innovate for the next-gen color gamut supporting Ultra HD content with HDR video/BT2020 (10-bit) support.
Operating System Mac OS X 10.8 Mac OS X 10.10 Mac OS X 10.7 Mac OS X 10.11 Mac OS X 10.9 Macintosh