Personal License Manager

The primary function of the Personal License Manager program is to generate strong cryptographic licenses that you may distribute with your applications to ensure that users possess a valid, licensed copy of the former. To accomplish this, the program uses a private and public key, strong RSA encryption system that is then coupled, through additional encryption, into a serial number, a product key and a license file containing detailed information about your application and what it can and cannot do. In typical usage scenarios, you will use a program like this to create temporary or permanent license keys for users that have purchased your product, so that your product can verify whether and what it is authorized to run. You may also create license keys to instruct your product that it should run in a limited-functionality mode or perhaps with an expiration date or to disable itself after a certain time interval, after which, the user will need to purchase the product to continue using it. This program keeps track of your products, customers and licenses. A license is defined as a file containing some or any information about your product, its features, the customer, hardware and any full or partial restrictions you may impose. The built-in database makes it easy to reissue licenses to customers that lose it or to produce bulk licenses if you wish to upload them to popular online distribution sites.
LicenseFree to try
File Size34.02 MB
Operating System Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Windows XP Windows 2003 Windows Server 2008
System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 3.5