Sirid (Windows 95/98/Me)

From the developer: ""Sirid is a tool for managing software projects. The main features of Sirid are assigning tasks between the personnel, reporting bugs, managing specifications and recording feature requests. The program also sends notifications of new bugs and tasks to people who have been set responsible for them and notifies the responsible people when the deadline of some bug or task is approaching. The Graphical presentations allow you to follow the progress of your project and you can see if it?s getting anywhere. The application is used via an Internet browser and all employees / project members can thus use it from their own workstation or even from their home computers without installing any software. ""Project management is one of the hardest parts in (software) projects. Problems in this difficult area are the most common reasons for exceeding deadlines and unsatisfactory end products. Sirid helps you organize your projects better and keeps you in schedule: You know exactly what the statuses of your projects are and in case of difficulties you can take the necessary actions in time. The end result is a better product that is finished in schedule.""
LicenseFree to try
File Size12.84 MB
Operating System Windows 95 Windows Windows 98 Windows Me
System RequirementsWindows 95/98/Me