Diff-R is a software tool that will highlight differences in ANY two relational databases. Written in Java/Swing, it runs on your windows desktop as a client-server application. It outputs the differences in an HTML file highlighting the differences with the help of eye-pleasing icons. Features include: Compare data in any database--all you need is a JDBC driver to connect to it; You can write your own xml to compare any set of data. The tool will be able compare data as long as the xml conforms to the schema; Compare data in heterogeneous databases; Ability to accept user inputs at run time, including database connection parameters; Ability to exclude certain fields during comparison; Case-sensitive and case-insensitive comparisons; Compare data retrieved using custom sql statements, including stored procedures, in addition to table/filter model shown above; Extendable design lets you output the differences in any form you want, not necessarily in html, with your pluggable output handlers; Support for multiple output handlers; Run the comparison for a bunch input parameters in batch mode. Supports CSV (comma-separated values) file for providing inputs. That is pluggable as well.
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Operating System Windows Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows XP