Free Applet Collection

5 Applets with source code. ImageViewer, is a customizable grid image viewer that supports JPEG files. All images zoom in to full view when clicked on. MenuNav is a flexible menu navigator that supports multiply highlight/text colors, highlight/background colors, font characteristics, status window messages, URL linking to each menu item. TextScroller supports a nice list of features to present information to your users. Use the applet to scroll text left, right, down and up as well as fade and zoom. WebBanner is your ad campaign. Use it to rotate through GIF and JPG images of all your favorite ads. Dot-to-Dot - A fun and challenging game based on an old-fashioned pencil-and-paper game. Connect the dots and try to be the one who completes the fourth side of a square. When you finish a square, you get to go again.
File Size4.8 MB
Operating System Windows Me Windows NT Windows Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 98
System RequirementsWindows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server