Weblog Poster posts messages to a Web log that supports either the Blogger API or the MetaWeblog API. Weblog Poster has been tested with Radio UserLand, Movable Type, and Blogger. To post a message, simply create a new window, fill in the server information, compose the message, and post it. A substitution glossary makes it easy to add links to a message. Just drag a link to the glossary field of a message, name the link, and then refer to the link in a message with the name enclosed in double-quotes. Weblog Poster automatically performs the link substitution when posting the message. There is also a persistent global glossary that is shared among all messages. Weblog Poster supports message drafts and message editing. Before a message is posted, it can be saved for later editing and posting. After a message is posted, it can be saved, edited, and reposted. Version 1.3 features: support for Draft and Final publishing options; better preview with working links; support for a Drafts folder; support for Movable Type's trackback feature; ability to see server response messages.
File Size1.32 MB
Operating System Macintosh
System RequirementsMac OS X, CarbonLib 1.2.5