KozMos VLDCL System

VLDCL System is a Visual LISP programming API designed to simplify the coding and maintaining of DCL based applications. By using the predefined VLDCL frame, coding a DCL driven application will be much more faster and will be very easily to maintain and upgrade. A DCL based application may contain so many set_tile and action_tile, using VLDCL, there even can be no set_tile and action_tile coding. All these set_tile and action_tile will be processed by program automatically. VLDCL System use a similar function definition method as VBA to enable programmer coding functions for certain operations on DCL dialog objects. VLDCL System provides full help document for all public functions. There are also some sample codes to direct new programmer to the right way using VLDCL. VLDCL System is totally FREE and there will only a message about KozMos VLDCL displayed while loading or initializing VLDCL. By re-defining the nest-function, RegisterShell for VLDCL can be customized to lock applications.
File Size393.85 kB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows
System Requirements