Rapid Application Development. Commonality of Solutions: Venues, panels, operators, spreadsheets, interactive documents and diagrams, combined with the computational abilities of Python, enable Visral OE to emulate a substantial class of windows applications. Implemented from compositions of factual and procedural descriptions, Visral Apps are modifiable, tractable, and reusable. Publishing applications: Where the Adobe Reader and Acrobat combination provides a standardized method for the dissemination of documents, Visral OE and SIRE does the same for analytical, scientific, business, educational, and other interactive solutions. Visral OE is a freely distributed windows operating environment, while SIRE is an integrated extension capable of creating publishable applications via simple drag-n-drop. Window Apps for any Occasion: Windows accomplishes program control with menu choices, alleviating the need for users to learn and remember intricate command languages. Problem is: it has always taken a large market to warrant the time, cost, and needed expertise to implement the simplest application. And certainly was never justified for the individual user or dedicated solution. Problem solved: the quick and easy way to create windows solutions for each and every need, Visral's Drag, Drop, Demo, and Distribute.
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