LiveCode will help you unleash your killer app. Build apps twice as fast as any other environment with a modern and powerful workflow that saves time at every step. LiveCode is more than just mobile; deploy to 7 popular platforms from one code base. LiveCode has an incredibly rich, deep feature set with more than 2000 features for even the most sophisticated project. From ask password to zoom box, drop shadows to data grids, vector graphics to native scroll bars - LiveCode has it covered. What LiveCode Does: LiveCode gets the job done, from simple apps for keeping score at sporting events to real-time flight booking systems for a major airline; millions of people use LiveCode-built solutions every day. How LiveCode Does It: Easily: The responsive, visual development system starts with drag and drop and lets you craft your program in small chunks. Then use a simple language that is loved by non-programmers and busy professional developers alike. LiveCode means the end of unnecessary jargon: up to 90% fewer symbols, statements and expressions needed to get the job done, when compared with popular alternatives such as JavaScript or Objective C. That's why we say that LiveCode is the only system that is so simple and accessible anyone can learn it. Quickly: The best way to write a quick utility that solves a business problem in minutes or to create prototypes in real-time that deliver a sophisticated user experience. Live coding keeps development agile. Changes happen in front of your eyes meaning you slash debugging and maintenance time using understandable and readable code. On average, LiveCode customers have saved $36,250 per project. Cross-platform: Realize commercial opportunities by supporting today's fastest growing platforms; LiveCode gives you completely royalty free distribution, no ongoing fees, hosting fees or mandatory subscriptions. Write once deploy everywhere: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web and Server. Access native platform features on all platforms.
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